A Woodlands Path

Who we are

A community of creators of Role Playing Game ideas to stories.  We even do a little publishing.  We hope you like our efforts!  Feel free to comment in our blog, or send us an email.

Our Story

Its really simple.  We are a bunch of Old-School D20 Gamers, and combined, we've been RPG'ing for over a century and we have that much material to digitize.  So, we are doing it:  Maps, Plots, Story Lines, Adventures, NPC's and the like.


Meet the Creators

All of the stuff on this site is thanks to one or more of the Creators.


Cindian Works "-C"

Co Creator / Story Teller / Swordsman / Camper / Writer

Bought my first wargame "PanzerBlitz" in 1977, played my first RPG "Traveller" in 1981.  Spent many after school hours at the Complete Strategist, been GM'ing and playing ever since.  I learned Fencing in College, and studied Swordsmanship since the early 90's.   I've studied JuJutsu and coached Martial Swordsmanship since the mid 90's.  I've camped in woodland hills of the U.S. and Europe for over 30 years and I have a passion for creating.  - C



Co Creator / Story Teller / Game Master / Martial Artist / Guru

"T" has a sordid past, at some point, he'll summarize it for us here.  Suffice to say, you can catch his 100's of responses to fledgling Game Masters on Quora, and if you've ever experienced one of his D&D Campaigns, you are in for a surrealistic treat.  Rumor has it he's writing a novel.

- C



Ya, You... players, readers, creators.


We love Stories!  We love new Campaign or Adventures!  We love ideas and we love seeing our colleagues manifest those things.  If you believe in Daring what you Wish, then browse our site, and let us know if you have something you've created that you is in the RPG, Fantasy Fiction or Sci-Fi Genres, and you think its "da bomb" (circa 1980's.)  Contact Us!



Tell us what you're thinking!  Got an idea for a game, an adventure, or any other story.  Let us know!