We are storytellers, and we've completed some works.  If any of you have ever completed a novel, you know how much effort is involved.  Well, here you'll find a list of the Authors, what they write about, and links to their book pages.  (We are always looking for collaborators.  If you've published a work or want to, contact us!)

Cindian Works

I write about history.  The little known secret origins that myths and legends are based on.  I use my martial arts knowledge, my passion for history and the outdoors, my lust for life, and my skills at the sword to embue my works with the fun and excitement that is all around us.  Why take for granted that the reality we are faced with is the only true reality?  PANACHE!

Are you a Creator?

If you are, and you've completed a Novel and you would like to see it on our site, or need some encouragement, contact us!